Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's that time again

Well to all my family friends and followers my college basketball career is over. Needless to say this isn't the end of my basketball career though. I will embark on a new journey, the life of a pro basketball player. Pro means I can be in any league whether it is in America or in Europe, regardless if the location, I will be honored to have the opportunity to earn a living doing what I love to do. If you want to continue to follow my journey I will be creating an Instagram page when I know where I will end up. Won't give you all the information yet but the future looks promising even though my past hasn't always shown that to be true lol. Thanks to all those who supported me in my time at New Mexico and uc Santa Barbara I have greatly appreciated it. You guys supported me through the good the bad and the ugly. Love y'all!

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