Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Progress.....15 weeks to go

Hey hey hey America what's happening. Man oh man no one warned me that the UC system was hard like this. Man I'm in my first finals week here and for once in my life I don't feel confident about my grades. I'm just saying is this undergrad or they think I'm trying to get a phd. Sad to say but my motto cs get degrees is in full effect..Been focusing on getting healthy. I'm one week away from walking without assistance. What's new in boogies world..hmmmm..oh I been putting on a lotta weight since being immobile which is a blessing in disguise. I finally wont have to lie about being 180 anymore I'm almost there ayyyyy. Oh yeah lately I been chef boyar Nate..I been in the kitchen whipping some masterpieces. 5 bucks a plate who want lol I'm kiddin but yo I can cook though. NBA season is starting to get boring so I def am looking forward to that Xmas game with la and Miami. Shout out to my boy c.brew bfor being all over kmart posters and for the upcoming lebron commercial. I see u making major moves. I'll be back in Mac town aka sactown next week to start my therapy, man time is flying I can't wait till my 6 week doctor visit ton Jan 10 to see if I'm all healed up and can start my rigorous comeback babyyyyyyyy.

My ucsb squadnhas been rolling since December started. We sitting at 2-0 this month and overall 4-3 going into a tough two game stretch against ranked opponents unlv and San Diego state. I think we can make a big splash in the eyes of the big west and country with a win over either team. Both are playing well but I believe we are gaining the confidence needed to contend with tougher opponents.we have been getting the production we were in desperate need of, big ups Jaime to a double double at Santa Clara. And is that a bird plane or just big Greg tossing shots like a fly swatter lol. Jon pastorek is a man on the offensive glass, getting putback after putback Last week Jaime had some nasty facial dunks..ugh I see u Carlos Santana lol. Our reserve backcourt is lead by Jordan who was huge in both games knocking down threes and playing solid defense. Boswell looked good in his first start. Will brew has looked for his offense more too, his drives opens up the floor. Jj is out with a hip injury go figure right but will be back in action against unlv. Oj has hit a wall offensively as teams are scouting him very close..they are recognizing his tendencies, time to switch it up. He has a unique skill set though which allows him to play around the basket or the wing. With better shot selection and choosing when to attack will help him get out his slump. I got faith he will be big at unlv. The man of the week is James nunnally. I honestly wasn't aware he could do some of the things he has shown these last two games. He has untapped potential a perfct NBA 2 guard body, if he can tie his athletic ability to his brains he could very well be the next nab guy from ucsb. He has competition though with Orlando and little ol me a hahaha. He showed up big in the LMU game recording a lite 29 and followed that up with a explosion of 34 points in the santa Clara game. Keep it up national attention will come your way. Well that's all I got for u for now, gotta go shower eat n get ready for practice. Peace love and hair grease lol classic....

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm backkkkkk

Hey everyone, I've been gone for awhile but boogie is slowly but surely making it back to the social world. Well as we all know, the surgery went very well and I'm in the process of recovering. This is a long but manageable process, all I ask of my fan base is to lift me up every opportunity you get because for all that know me know that taking a ball from me is like taking a chunk of life from me. I'm in week 2 of my recovery, I am in full control of my leg now and can take a few steps without pain. Two more weeks of the crippled life and I'm back to walking. Oh how I enjoyed everyone catering to me, special shoutout to moms,big bro Matt, big sis Vic, can't one and only poppa Garth. I know I'm not the only onebwho gained weight over the holiday, boy I sure did grub. Being in this wheelchair has helped me appreciate life more and value opportunities people take for granted everyday. But hey no one or nothing will stop boogie cuz I'm still smiling babyyyyyy. The best is yet to come. I've gotten a chance to watch a lot of ball and I am learning so much of the game that I need to incorporate beforebheading to the next level. Blake griffin is a walking highlight, Derrick rose cannot be stopped, and Kenton all the questions you asked, MJ answered.LOL

So since I've been gone we have been 1-1, moving our record to a whopping 2-3. Inconsistent play stands out looking at the record and it's becoming a major issue. From speaking to players we have some toughness issues that need to be addressed asap. We handled Fresno state at home, led by orlandos huge performance of 35 points. He scored in every way possible shooting at a high clip 13-18. I wasn't there in physical but there in spirit. Our defense made progress in that game forcing turnovers and sticking to the script our trademark defense. Big Greg caught a nasty lob, I see you big G. We were rolling, taking the momentum to Portland before being slapped in the face by a hot shooting pilot team. Scouting report on Portland, they can SHOOT, the whole world knows and they did just that knocking down 12 3pointers. We got off to a slow start and trailed at half 37-15. Being down on the road is tough and takes a total team effort to mount a comeback. We climbed back in but I don't know too many teams who can recover from more turnovers than points at halftime. We were led by James nunnaly who had a solid 22 and 11, Orlando right behind with 18. It's frustrating to see my team struggle like this, no leadership and no toughness will get you nowhere. We as a team must come together and shake this off to have a better December before heading into conference. I can most certainly gaurantee to provide that spark and leadership role as soon as I hit the floor. I will promise you gaucho fans that when I return next year with the help of coaches and my teammates, I will bring prestige and dominance back to sb. Now gaucho fans stay positive it's a long year, we will hit our stride. Come check us out this wednsday in the thunder dome at 7 as we take on Orlando's former LMU team.

" remember there is no victory without progress"

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The big day

First and foremost thanks to all those who had me in prayer. The surgery went great and I am confident I'll return better than before. It was a fun experience to say the least lol. I have the best mom and brother I could ever ask for. They came down to help me get back on my feet, literally lol. On top of love from my teammates and my phat fat today wasn't all that bad. So recovery time is 3 to 5 months looking at a April return, just in time for spring workouts ayyyyyyyyy!!! Ahaha. I'll be in a wheelchair/ crutches for 4 weeks so if you see me on campus lend the crippled boy a hand,lol. Other than that I'm doing just fine, I feel like I'm floating on the moon taking these vicadin pills. No pain babyyyyy..

Enough about the crippled boogie, let's talk some gaucho hoops. Left to Oregon 0-0 and returned back 1-2. I wasn't able to make the trip so I don't have much of a first hand account but judging by the numbers and the talks with some people, we got some work to do. The first game against Denver we handled our business and won comfortably. Like every game we had last weekend we had gotten off to a slow start, but in this game we pulled it out. As expected, Orlando and James did most of the scoring each in double figures. James had 17 Orlando 16. Next up we had north Dakota state, which gave us all we could handle. From what I hear we couldn't throw the ball in the ocean. North Dakota state shot lights out. We end up losing the game 68-60. Orlando led us in scoring, getting a hard earned 30 which was a career high. Last up we had the host team univ of Oregon. We were tested, how can we rebound from a loss on the road. We proved to show we were battle tested as we took Oregon down to the wire. No true basketball player likes to blame the refs but on Orlando's last drive to the bucket I hear he got hacked which would of been the go ahead bucket to bring it home. But whistle didn't blow and we end up losing 72-70. Once again james led us in scoring having 28 and Orlando gave us 24.
Now from looking at stats and listening to the radio I feel the need to challenge my teammates to step up. We need a Jaime Greg and Lucas to provide that inside force to keep the defenses honest. Our guards had trouble putting it in the hole and controlling the tempo at times. Someonehas to step up and become a dependable 3rd scorer to help the load of nun and oj. Our defensive mindset must be there at all times also, ball hungry and tenacious. All in all I feel we I'll continue to make at rides. Don't be alarmed we won't disappoint come big west and march.

Hope to see you out for saturdays home game against Fresno state. Other than that continue to pray for the kid for a aped recovery and be blessed friends and family.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Highlights from Masters college game

opening night...

Wassup bball world its ya boy nate boogie live and direct from study hall. Hope everyone's week has started off well and ends well. Whats new?? well in my world im just looking forward to next week's surgery. I gotta go to LA this friday for my pre-op appointment, and then i go under the knife Wednesday of next week. Expect a full an speedy recovery between 4-6 months. Ill be back out there ready to lead the gauchos in the spring.
Have you been catching those NBA games lately. Boy my kings are off to a good start, 3-3. Not to mention my raiders are finally over .500.>YESSSIR!! Ive loved watching the games this year i dont know is it me or has the NBA finally become competitive. Since our team always has locker room dipsutes over who are the best players in the game today, Id like to leave you with a question, who is the best pg in the league now, Rondo or CP3??

Friday Night we opened up our 2010-2011 season off at home against Masters College. We got off to a slow start but as the game progressed we begin to hit our stride on our way to a 14 point victory. Masters never really laid down as they came out knocking down 3's and playing tough defense. Once we settled down after the first media timeout we began to execute like Gauchos and put points on the board. We were led in scoring by James Nunnally who had a game high 22 pts and 10 reb. Next up was Orlando johnson with a solid 21 pts 5 reb 4 assists. Big ups to Jon Pastorek who looked like a perfect compliment to Nunn and Oj, he scored 4 pts but had 9 rebs which were huge. He ran the floor well and put himself in good positions to rebound. Will's defense is always key he is everywhere the ball is, gotta love it. I gotta give #14 Cannon from masters love as he single handedly kept Masters in the game for at least a 10 min stretch knifing through our D and hitting open jumpers. Overall i feel it was a good way to begin the season, along with the freshman getting their feet wet. After watching film, we know what we need to do individually and collectively to have a better game next time we take the floor friday against DU. Sadly, i wont make the oregon trip. This redshirt stuff is wack LOL, i wanna travel and watch some games. Goodluck to the squad in Oregon, we will bring home the gold Gaucho World!!
Until next week Gaucho fans, enjoy the rest of the week and remember...ITS BOOGIE TIME!!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Yaaaaaa its opening week of the upcoming Gaucho hoop season. Its time to get live its time to represent Gauchos stand up!!!!! Its ya boy boogie back with something for ya eyes and ears. Man what a week, having 2 scrimmages, midterms, and halloween weekend in SB..whoaaaaaa can you say LIVE!!! First off, Ive never seen so many drunk people in one area before, half naked people left and right, not to mention my neck is kinda sore from turning my head every 5 seconds LOL. It definitely was a sight to see. But chea i got some good news yesterday, surgery date is NOVEMBER 17th..yessy. God answers prayers, keep faith! I been grinding hard lately in the weight room and working on my jumper. I've gained weight and hell im making jumpers with my eyes closed now. Watching hoops from the sidelines you see more, learn more about the game from another point of view. So keep me in ya prayers people its a 4-6 month recovery process with heavy rehab, a balanced diet, and determination ill be back in the spring.
On to the scrimmages, we had a inter-squad and a scrimmage against la verne college. In the intersquad scrimmage i was surprised by the play of a few guys. Big greg showed he can and is more than capable of owning the paint. Jaime has a very nice post up package, and Big lucas was the most consistent through all 5 quarters. Im real impressed by how our freshman are playing with confidence and are hungry to learn more about the game and get better. I feel once we cut down our turnovers and learn each others tendencies we are going to be scary. We can expect the usual scoring from Orlando and James but Will has shown ability to get in the lane and shoot a floater or 2. As for the la verne scrimmage id like to first say, ORLANDO JOHNSON PLEASE STAY OFF THE RIM! He got hung so nasty..the rim said REJECTION! Troy leaf was a bright spot against La verne. He scored but also he created for his teammates, all in all looking like a nice piece of our puzzle. La verne had a run but we punched back and won(unofficially).
Well well well first game of the season is friday against Masters college. Ill be back next week for a inside scoop. Until next time, Love Live Life....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Season Is here

Coming to you live from study hall, LOL, ya boy nate boogie is back for another
update on the life and times of a gaucho. So for those of you who dont know i just
celebrated my 21st bday this past friday, what a memorable day. I survived without
sippin on any alcohol. I did see paranormal activity 2, yo that movie was bananas(crazy). School has been keeping me real busy. I been having midterms lately too so boogie been in them books hard, gotta be a STUDENT-athlete right?Haha..I got my first college F and college A on tests in the same week, how ironic. Ay but check this out, ya boy is finally filling out, i put on 5 lbs in 2 weeks. You see me!! Im going to look like a body builder after im done with rehab. NBA season is here lets goooo. My kings I think are headed in the right direction. Everyone is hyped to see if Miami could do it or will LA continue on their run for another 3 peat. Who will win rookie of the year, 6th man of the year, most improved, But the Big ? is who will take home the MVP and NBA finals trophy..Time will tell

On the hardwood, last week started off rough having heard my boy brad lewis wont be with us anymore. I respect his decision, because he wants to play, cant fault a guy who wants opportunity right. Practices have picked up, with our first scrimmage right around the corner, oct.31st. Its time to get it started, gonna be one long year. Highlights from last week, my man JJ hit tleaf with a cold step back and sat him down, orlando put big lucas in the rim, he responded with a nasty left hand tip slam of his own though. Jaime has owned the paint the last few days, but when Big Somogyi is on his game he is a lot to handle, i mean cmon he's 7'3 lol. Boswell and jordan have been lights out from 3 and will brew has put clamps on any player wearing a jersey. I think were getting to where we need to be to have a good start to a championship run. Stay tuned for more info on practice and the scrimmage on sunday. Be Blessed. Let this lebron commercial marinate for a few days!!Who will you be in 2010-2011

Monday, October 18, 2010

Kicking off the season

Friday October 15th college teams all over the country got to hit the floor for the first time officially, known all around the country as midnight madness. We got it going with duke to the dome Friday after the soccer team handed it to duke 2-0. Man the introductions were hilarious a couple guys got a chance to show their personality off..handshakes from Jon and Jordan, blew showed his dance skills, and jj thought he could groove. Then my name was called and I didn't know what to do..the dj screamed Nate Garth aka Nate BOOGIE..well let's just say I got a nice bounce pass from the mascot for a easy one hand dunk..Niceeeeee...

As practice got going over the weekend it was evident we are preparing for a great season. Guys have really come in and put forth 100% effort which in turn equates to good practices. There's been a couple guys and plays that have stood out..the blue and the white teams have each given work..but man today blue sure had whites name..nunnally had a nice dunk off a great pass from jj. Oh big Lucas had a nasty tip slam with the left. Nunn made blew hit the ground on a crossover lol, and Orlando has had a few bangouts..just a couple plays that have stood out to me..the team has looked good and I have high hopes

On another note I'm still waiting on this insuance company to get things straight so I can get back out there and play with my new team. I look forward to sharing good times with my teammates and coaches. Hey my bday is in 4daya ayyyy I'll be 21 send some love to SB family..well until next time..

"to accomplish great things we must not only act but also dream not only plan but also believe

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Catching up...

Man I been gone for awhile, right, but since school started I had to shift my focus on my academics. Boy I tell you this UC system is tough on ya boy but I'm finally grasping how to be successful. I've had quizzes and tests, even a essay already! But enough about academics, time for the good stuff:
Whats new??hmmmmm..lets talk about practice..The guys have been going hard since school started. Official practice starts friday, with the Duke to the Dome..aka midnight madness..Come check out the 2010-2011 gauchos. Next, congrats to our 2011 recruiting class, we got a solid 4 man group coming in next year. Since I last droppped in on you I've been having to hosts recruits and show em what it takes to be a gaucho. Thanks to the weather, campus life, and my PR skills(LOL) coaches put together a well rounded class. Big ups to John, Allan, Tj, and Taran.
Since I cant play hoop I been working out, lifting weights, and dragging my teammates in NBA 2k11. I live my bball life through my videogame until I get back out there and do work next fall. On a positive note, im waiting on the insurance company to get back at me so i can set up my date for surgery, cross your fingers it happens late October or early November. Once surgery it will be a 4-6 month recovery so hey if you ever pray add me on ya list. Do you know what October 22nd is..Ayyyyyyy my 21st bday..mark it down, send ya boy bday love to SB..Ill be back to holla at yall some more after Midnight Madness and update you on who's giving work in the first week of practice.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And it begins

Hello world, it's nate "boogie" garth and I would like to welcome you into my world, well I mean welcome to my life. This is my opportunity to fill you in on what it's like to 1) be me, well this is my blog lol 2) be on the ucsb bball team 3) well I'll let you fill that in when you continue reading. Man where to start...thursday september 23rd 2010..

Waking up to a whole new world, a new school, new opportunies. My 3rd year of college, man time flies doesn't it? I spent my first 2 years at university of new mexico where I won 2 mountain west championships and got blessed with a chance to be around good teammates, coaches, and fans. Big ups to the past at unm. But back to the present I'm redshirting this year due to transferring, sucks but hey I gotta have hip surgery so it's all good. I love the new opportunity I have in front of me and have a great connection with the gaucho family.
Campus life is crazy, people everywhere on bikes, beautiful women,parties parties parties. My teammates, we like brothers so it's all good. They keep me laughing on a daily basis. I'm not gonna talk about how I smash oj in madden, how my boy b-lewski destroys everyone in 2k10, and jj and Jon no one can see them in FIFA. So far open gyms are always competitive. Watch out for us this year we are definitely gonna turn some heads..
Well I think that will due it for now check me out later this week I got some updates on what's been going on in boogies world..

"talent is god given. Be humble. Fame is man given. Be grateful. Conceit is self given. Be careful"-John wooden