Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm back at it...

Today is the day that kicks of my junior season. This day I have waited for, for a year now. I'm so amped to get back on the court full strength. I'm even more juiced to put on my #1 ucsb jersey. Couldn't thank God, my family, friends, and fans enough for their support through my rough year last year. Ok so I know I been Mia off the blogging but I had to get myself ready for this journey ahead, as we are on our quest to be a 3 time back to back to back NCAA tournament team. I'll be on here weekly to update everyone on ucsb basketball and me, fun right? On another note, Congrats to oj and Greg for making it on their national teams and are representing well.

It is Now 2 weeks before we head to Canada. We are a little shorthanded as keegan is still recovering, oj and Greg in china, and John green still in his boot. We still will have a full on 3 hr practice full of learning. We get 10 days to hit the floor before we go, and trust me the way coach stock is talking, we will be in there for hours ahahaha. This will be a test to see how quick we can jell before playing 5 games abroad. There was a nice article in the SB news press if any read the paper, on last Thursday. I am eager to kick off this season with expectations high as they are and all the hard work we have put it, I think we are almost ready to exceed those challenges and embark on this memorable 2011-2012 season. That's it for me today I gotta go eat now and get my pre practice routine going. Much love everyone and enjoy ya weekend, until next weekend peace love and happiness!