Saturday, September 3, 2011

The beginning

Well gaucho fans the time is here. Our last night in Santa Barbara before our trip of a lifetime to Canada. We will tour 3 cities in 10 days. We have a 5 game schedule against some solid Canadian teams. We plan on coming back 5-0! This should be a nice start to a memorable year. We will have alot of fun as a team, as we have a full schedule doing things outside ball as well. This trip will do us well because we are going to have alot of time together, no phones and we may not have internet. We have already started doing alot of team bonding exercises, warming up for our trip. We will come back to santa barbara with a better understanding of each other on and off the court. Everyone seems excited from the coaches to the players and our friends and family. Its been a long time coming for me individually, its been so long since I played a game. Gotta shake the rust off.

We have had 10 successful practices, ugly at first but we definitly have got it going in the right direction. I felt like a freshman again learning a new system, learning the nuances of the defense, and knowing what I can and can't do. It was frustrating at first but I have gotten the hang of things, not where I need to be quite yet, but in time I will get there. The freshman have really showed a good understanding of their roles and they are responding well to coaching and the new system. There was a Keegan siting today and boy did he look good. He's definitely a good player and is going to help us. I am so juiced to play with the returnees and the new guys. I'm like a kid on Christmas eve who cant sleep in anticipation for what's to come. I'll be trying to update as best as I can while were gone. Wish us luck!

P.s- go check out my commercial on YouTube tell me what you think ahaha


  1. Nate Boogie! Get the team gellin and let's put together a monster season. Our time is now and you're our guy that we've been waiting for to get it rollin!

    Go Gauchos baby! Put us on the map and take us to the promised land!

  2. Nate check out this video and share with the team to get you pumped up!!

  3. we need some updates on the team Nate! How's practice going and your thoughts on the team and the season?

  4. eh nate anyone ever tell you that you look just like talib kweli? just came across this by chance, know you're going to kill it this season.
    -white mike