Monday, February 28, 2011

Feeling like I'm back

Good morning America, early birds catch the worm so I'm up when the sun rises. I'm so glad last week is over I can't stand rainy wet weather, Santa Barbara sun please stay permanently! Moving right along last week was also a tough week for the gauchos. Since we last talked all star weekend passed and my predictions came through thanks Blake. Kobe killed in the game to let people know he still the king of la. I know everyone seen those trades, the .ba is getting more balance of power in the east and west which is good to see. I think the nba is becoming more competitive with guys trying to prove that the super teams can be beat on any given night right cars who beat the knicks the other night. so the other night I go to play intervals and the team were supposed to play doesn't show up, I was little frustrated because I wanted to hoop lol. Since I've been getting back in the groove I've been spending hours a day back in the lab making sure my game has no holes when I return to college ball next in 7 months. I've been feeling good no pain just soreness from our trainer Jeremy. He got me in 1 on 1 sessions, and for all who know me well know I hate weights but since I've kicked some bad health habits I've enjoyed seeing myself in the mirror lately ahaha.

As for the gauchos like I said we have had a rough 3 game stretch. Its hard to welcome march on a losing streak when your trying to catch momentum for the conference tournaments. What's funny is even though we are in 4th place or maybe 5th now we still have a chance to win the big west tourney. We havery what it takes and show it in spurts but we still haven't put it together which is scary because the potential is there. Its hard watching your team on national tv lay down and let teams step on our necks. I get frustrated because I know each and every player on this team plays hard but this is about pride and heart now. We have got to turn the ship around NOW. If not we will have a early exit and hey fans look up for next year I can promise we will get it right and give you guys a good year. I feel like if the attitude as a collective unit were the of a fighter we would have no problem. We don't have to do anything superhuman but just go out and compete. I see us still having a chance even though many have written us off. I just can't wait until its my turn to go out and show the world. My mouth gets watery. When I think about next year I'm hungry I won't let no one eat me alive. Well this week will be an emotional one as we say goodbye to our seniors Jordan jj and Jon. Those guys are a valuable piece to this team and all year have given us all they had. Ill definitely miss them next year as well as the fans and friends of them on the team. Jon and jj are my roommates so ill definitely be missing them. I've gotten close with jj since coming to school here so I'm sure ill see him again when he leaves.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The life and times...diary of Nate Garth vol.1

So I decided now im back playing and being involved with my team ill come at you guys from a different angle. Now I am slowly getting back into action with the team I would give you my reflections and thoughts as a player. So here it is NG11 basketball diary.

Hello world its the one and only aka the only one nate boogie lol. I hope all has been well for ll who are reading this because lately things sure have been looking up for me. Life has been great now I can actually participate in practice and drills. I love being out there with the team and coaches, even the managers at that. For all the real ballplayers out there you know the feeling you get a chance to find gym time. Shouts out to my family I love them so much for keeping me going. To my big brother, man you are the reason I do what I do. Moving right along school has been tough as always. I never understood why in america we have to attend school to play basketball instead of taking the foriegn way and allowing kids a choice. Ill never get the answer I want to hear lol, thanks mom for keeping me grounded in the classroom haha. Well all star weekend is here in the nba I say blake griffin wins the dunk contest and the east all stars win the game tomorrow. Did anyone see john wall drop 22 assists in the rookie game..niceeeeee

Man the squad has been doing good lately, even in practice. I see a different team everyday and its refreshing. I think we definately have a chance if we make our recent behaviors habits. I was happy to see alot of guys in the gym working on their games and getting shots up after practoce. Thats what it takes to be good, working hard even when others arent. These last 2 weeks of february amd the first two weeks of march are important. Teams are made nkw and I see the progression of the gauchos. Lets gooooooo. We play boise state tonight in the bracketbusters, sorry its not televised but hey its coo. big ups to james last game for recording that nasty double double. And did yall see jj drop those 12 dimes..niceeeee..i wanted to shout oit big greg lucas and will for having solid practices lately, I think it will definately start showing in.their play on the court in games. I think thats all I got for now, this new galaxy pad is clean I had the ipad but had to switch it up. Well be blessed everyone and come out to watch the game if your in sb.

There is no success without struggle. The struggle builds character and makes the reward so much sweeter.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The time is now

Welcome back everybody to ya boy boogies blog. Its been a week and some change but u know me boogie still the same lol. Welcome black history month, thanks to the pioneers who allowed people equal rights and somewhat of equal opportunity lol. It was a long week last week, but hey this week should be smooth, having 2 home games. Its just 8 more days until I'm done with physical therapy. This has been a rough 4 month stretch for me and I'm glad it's almost over. Vie learned a lot about myself and figured out how nice I was in NBA 2k11. Everyone knows that my boy j crawford and smooth Joe Johnson give that work, right oj prince jj and Ken..u see it lol..on a serious note being down has helped me learn the game even more than I did. I think I've picked up some new moves and a new jumpshot I borrowed from coach bromley. Thanks to all who have supported me and uplifted me while being down and out. Man school is killing me though. I got a paper and 2 midterms this week. Why do we have to go to school if I go to play basketball?? A question every athlete asks, just saying haha. NBA is still exciting, looking forward to all star weekend in la in 2 weeks. Hey if your ever bored at work or at school just YouTube Blake griffin. Hmmm talk about upsets in NCAA bball man its been a lot of movement lately, with a lot of teams falling at home and on the road. Here at ucsb we have been dealing with some of our own issues, where to begin....

Last week it was a rough week, losing at home to north ridge and beating cal poly on the road by a buzzer beater hit by james nunnally. I actually drove down to poly to see the game.I felt I needed to be there to support them and give them some direction. Since joining this team i have felt like we needed a leader, someone who has a voice that is heard. I have tried to take on that role but its hard when your not in the heat of the battle, I'm not playing so who's gonna listen to me? One major problem on this team is just that. That right there is the difference between good teams and great teams. Championship teams can function even when coach isn't around and can hold things together because the leader is the extension of the coach on the floor. Back to the game my bad. It was an exciting game at poly, going down to the wire. Thanks to a great set up by jj and even better shot by nun we survived. Orlando led us with 24 Pts. Against northridge we weren't so lucky. this game,too, went down to the wire. Nun had a chance to bury northridge with a 3 but decided to drive in as he missed the shot, luckily we retianed possession. We then had the ball out and we turned it over. Tough loss, especially at home. We as a team are looking for answers but one thing I see as a issue is the preparation. The dedication it takes to be good, the time it takes to be good, the grind it takes to be good doesn't exist in everyone on this team. It takes a team to win championships. I don't feel like this team hates to lose. To be a winner it must kill you to lose, make you want to play a rematch, but that's the competitiveness needed at the college level. Until this team hates to lose we will not win! I'll be reserved in my comments but hey you guys attend games, watch on tv, check stats, I just want to let you guys know the finger pointing isn't necessary. Each guy on this team needs to look in the mirror point the figure at themselves and demand change so we can make this run on into the conference tourney and NCAA tourney.

Until next time everybody- don't look for results until you do everything necessary to prepare yourself for the challenge...