Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sorry for the delay

Ay everybody I know I took some time off but I been busy getting my life back in order. Happy new year to all lol..what's new in the world of Nate boogie..hmmm well as of today I have 2 more weeks of physical therapy and 4 more weeks until official clearance. It's almost that time people. Ucsb fans just 9 more months and I'll be getting things done in my #11 jersey. Rehab is going well, as you know it's frustrating but I think I'm doing a good job keeping up on my exercises. My jumper is looking more and more efficient thanks to coach bromley lol. Our motto is good to great! I just recently got back to lifting weights so my lil scronny body can get some muscles lol. All in all I've been happy with my recovery.

Has anyone been watching NBA lately. Most exciting season in awhile? Agree? Blake griffin has been tearing it up. San Antonio is just running through people with old school basketball hahaha. I watch a game every opportunity I get nowadays NBA is a lot more competitive especially whenever someone plays the heat they want blood(not literally). College ball looks wide open these days. You got guys who stand out but not like it was years ago when u had guys like melo, jay Williams, durant,etc. I was told the other day by my boy blew that he had never met someone who loves the game more than I do, that made my day. I live for the opportunity to play at the highest level and be a ambassador for the city of Sacramento, we haven't had a pro since Kevin Johnson.

On to the ucsb gauchos...we are really having a inconsistent season up to date. As all good teams do, we are going through a rough stretch right now. It seems that we taste success and then forget what it took to be successful. We started slow in the conf now 3-3 just dropped one last night at fullerton who has been playing well. I think we need to develop a identity I feel we have none. When guys aren't making shots their confidence goes which is another issue. Guys make shots guys miss shots one thing that has to be constant is the attitude of the team to do other things to compensate for lack of scoring. We have two guys who put out efficient offense as we all know but other guys need to establish themselves to have a impact on the outcome. Who's gonna grab 10 boards who's gonna drop 5+ assists who is gonna lockdown and create turnovers. The game these days is scewed up because athletes get enamored with scoring that you lose sight of other important things needed to win games. I'm frustrated with the effort guys put out but I can't do much about it as I don't have a uniform yet. Until we get out of our box, let the ego go, and not settle and be complacent with 2 wins over the lower teams in conf we won't quite reach the potential for this season and we will underachieve!

Well that's all I got folks, much love to the living scholars and the donors who give to the program. Big ups to my fam my girl and my squad. Let's turn this season's never too late..