Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Season Is here

Coming to you live from study hall, LOL, ya boy nate boogie is back for another
update on the life and times of a gaucho. So for those of you who dont know i just
celebrated my 21st bday this past friday, what a memorable day. I survived without
sippin on any alcohol. I did see paranormal activity 2, yo that movie was bananas(crazy). School has been keeping me real busy. I been having midterms lately too so boogie been in them books hard, gotta be a STUDENT-athlete right?Haha..I got my first college F and college A on tests in the same week, how ironic. Ay but check this out, ya boy is finally filling out, i put on 5 lbs in 2 weeks. You see me!! Im going to look like a body builder after im done with rehab. NBA season is here lets goooo. My kings I think are headed in the right direction. Everyone is hyped to see if Miami could do it or will LA continue on their run for another 3 peat. Who will win rookie of the year, 6th man of the year, most improved, But the Big ? is who will take home the MVP and NBA finals trophy..Time will tell

On the hardwood, last week started off rough having heard my boy brad lewis wont be with us anymore. I respect his decision, because he wants to play, cant fault a guy who wants opportunity right. Practices have picked up, with our first scrimmage right around the corner, oct.31st. Its time to get it started, gonna be one long year. Highlights from last week, my man JJ hit tleaf with a cold step back and sat him down, orlando put big lucas in the rim, he responded with a nasty left hand tip slam of his own though. Jaime has owned the paint the last few days, but when Big Somogyi is on his game he is a lot to handle, i mean cmon he's 7'3 lol. Boswell and jordan have been lights out from 3 and will brew has put clamps on any player wearing a jersey. I think were getting to where we need to be to have a good start to a championship run. Stay tuned for more info on practice and the scrimmage on sunday. Be Blessed. Let this lebron commercial marinate for a few days!!Who will you be in 2010-2011

Monday, October 18, 2010

Kicking off the season

Friday October 15th college teams all over the country got to hit the floor for the first time officially, known all around the country as midnight madness. We got it going with duke to the dome Friday after the soccer team handed it to duke 2-0. Man the introductions were hilarious a couple guys got a chance to show their personality off..handshakes from Jon and Jordan, blew showed his dance skills, and jj thought he could groove. Then my name was called and I didn't know what to do..the dj screamed Nate Garth aka Nate BOOGIE..well let's just say I got a nice bounce pass from the mascot for a easy one hand dunk..Niceeeeee...

As practice got going over the weekend it was evident we are preparing for a great season. Guys have really come in and put forth 100% effort which in turn equates to good practices. There's been a couple guys and plays that have stood out..the blue and the white teams have each given work..but man today blue sure had whites name..nunnally had a nice dunk off a great pass from jj. Oh big Lucas had a nasty tip slam with the left. Nunn made blew hit the ground on a crossover lol, and Orlando has had a few bangouts..just a couple plays that have stood out to me..the team has looked good and I have high hopes

On another note I'm still waiting on this insuance company to get things straight so I can get back out there and play with my new team. I look forward to sharing good times with my teammates and coaches. Hey my bday is in 4daya ayyyy I'll be 21 send some love to SB family..well until next time..

"to accomplish great things we must not only act but also dream not only plan but also believe

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Catching up...

Man I been gone for awhile, right, but since school started I had to shift my focus on my academics. Boy I tell you this UC system is tough on ya boy but I'm finally grasping how to be successful. I've had quizzes and tests, even a essay already! But enough about academics, time for the good stuff:
Whats new??hmmmmm..lets talk about practice..The guys have been going hard since school started. Official practice starts friday, with the Duke to the Dome..aka midnight madness..Come check out the 2010-2011 gauchos. Next, congrats to our 2011 recruiting class, we got a solid 4 man group coming in next year. Since I last droppped in on you I've been having to hosts recruits and show em what it takes to be a gaucho. Thanks to the weather, campus life, and my PR skills(LOL) coaches put together a well rounded class. Big ups to John, Allan, Tj, and Taran.
Since I cant play hoop I been working out, lifting weights, and dragging my teammates in NBA 2k11. I live my bball life through my videogame until I get back out there and do work next fall. On a positive note, im waiting on the insurance company to get back at me so i can set up my date for surgery, cross your fingers it happens late October or early November. Once surgery it will be a 4-6 month recovery so hey if you ever pray add me on ya list. Do you know what October 22nd is..Ayyyyyyy my 21st bday..mark it down, send ya boy bday love to SB..Ill be back to holla at yall some more after Midnight Madness and update you on who's giving work in the first week of practice.