Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Progress.....15 weeks to go

Hey hey hey America what's happening. Man oh man no one warned me that the UC system was hard like this. Man I'm in my first finals week here and for once in my life I don't feel confident about my grades. I'm just saying is this undergrad or they think I'm trying to get a phd. Sad to say but my motto cs get degrees is in full effect..Been focusing on getting healthy. I'm one week away from walking without assistance. What's new in boogies world..hmmmm..oh I been putting on a lotta weight since being immobile which is a blessing in disguise. I finally wont have to lie about being 180 anymore I'm almost there ayyyyy. Oh yeah lately I been chef boyar Nate..I been in the kitchen whipping some masterpieces. 5 bucks a plate who want lol I'm kiddin but yo I can cook though. NBA season is starting to get boring so I def am looking forward to that Xmas game with la and Miami. Shout out to my boy c.brew bfor being all over kmart posters and for the upcoming lebron commercial. I see u making major moves. I'll be back in Mac town aka sactown next week to start my therapy, man time is flying I can't wait till my 6 week doctor visit ton Jan 10 to see if I'm all healed up and can start my rigorous comeback babyyyyyyyy.

My ucsb squadnhas been rolling since December started. We sitting at 2-0 this month and overall 4-3 going into a tough two game stretch against ranked opponents unlv and San Diego state. I think we can make a big splash in the eyes of the big west and country with a win over either team. Both are playing well but I believe we are gaining the confidence needed to contend with tougher opponents.we have been getting the production we were in desperate need of, big ups Jaime to a double double at Santa Clara. And is that a bird plane or just big Greg tossing shots like a fly swatter lol. Jon pastorek is a man on the offensive glass, getting putback after putback Last week Jaime had some nasty facial dunks..ugh I see u Carlos Santana lol. Our reserve backcourt is lead by Jordan who was huge in both games knocking down threes and playing solid defense. Boswell looked good in his first start. Will brew has looked for his offense more too, his drives opens up the floor. Jj is out with a hip injury go figure right but will be back in action against unlv. Oj has hit a wall offensively as teams are scouting him very close..they are recognizing his tendencies, time to switch it up. He has a unique skill set though which allows him to play around the basket or the wing. With better shot selection and choosing when to attack will help him get out his slump. I got faith he will be big at unlv. The man of the week is James nunnally. I honestly wasn't aware he could do some of the things he has shown these last two games. He has untapped potential a perfct NBA 2 guard body, if he can tie his athletic ability to his brains he could very well be the next nab guy from ucsb. He has competition though with Orlando and little ol me a hahaha. He showed up big in the LMU game recording a lite 29 and followed that up with a explosion of 34 points in the santa Clara game. Keep it up national attention will come your way. Well that's all I got for u for now, gotta go shower eat n get ready for practice. Peace love and hair grease lol classic....