Saturday, February 19, 2011

The life and times...diary of Nate Garth vol.1

So I decided now im back playing and being involved with my team ill come at you guys from a different angle. Now I am slowly getting back into action with the team I would give you my reflections and thoughts as a player. So here it is NG11 basketball diary.

Hello world its the one and only aka the only one nate boogie lol. I hope all has been well for ll who are reading this because lately things sure have been looking up for me. Life has been great now I can actually participate in practice and drills. I love being out there with the team and coaches, even the managers at that. For all the real ballplayers out there you know the feeling you get a chance to find gym time. Shouts out to my family I love them so much for keeping me going. To my big brother, man you are the reason I do what I do. Moving right along school has been tough as always. I never understood why in america we have to attend school to play basketball instead of taking the foriegn way and allowing kids a choice. Ill never get the answer I want to hear lol, thanks mom for keeping me grounded in the classroom haha. Well all star weekend is here in the nba I say blake griffin wins the dunk contest and the east all stars win the game tomorrow. Did anyone see john wall drop 22 assists in the rookie game..niceeeeee

Man the squad has been doing good lately, even in practice. I see a different team everyday and its refreshing. I think we definately have a chance if we make our recent behaviors habits. I was happy to see alot of guys in the gym working on their games and getting shots up after practoce. Thats what it takes to be good, working hard even when others arent. These last 2 weeks of february amd the first two weeks of march are important. Teams are made nkw and I see the progression of the gauchos. Lets gooooooo. We play boise state tonight in the bracketbusters, sorry its not televised but hey its coo. big ups to james last game for recording that nasty double double. And did yall see jj drop those 12 dimes..niceeeee..i wanted to shout oit big greg lucas and will for having solid practices lately, I think it will definately start showing in.their play on the court in games. I think thats all I got for now, this new galaxy pad is clean I had the ipad but had to switch it up. Well be blessed everyone and come out to watch the game if your in sb.

There is no success without struggle. The struggle builds character and makes the reward so much sweeter.

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  1. Tough game against Boise State. I thought you would pull it out. Their point guard was pretty good, though. Is that a glimpse of the future for UCSB??