Monday, February 28, 2011

Feeling like I'm back

Good morning America, early birds catch the worm so I'm up when the sun rises. I'm so glad last week is over I can't stand rainy wet weather, Santa Barbara sun please stay permanently! Moving right along last week was also a tough week for the gauchos. Since we last talked all star weekend passed and my predictions came through thanks Blake. Kobe killed in the game to let people know he still the king of la. I know everyone seen those trades, the .ba is getting more balance of power in the east and west which is good to see. I think the nba is becoming more competitive with guys trying to prove that the super teams can be beat on any given night right cars who beat the knicks the other night. so the other night I go to play intervals and the team were supposed to play doesn't show up, I was little frustrated because I wanted to hoop lol. Since I've been getting back in the groove I've been spending hours a day back in the lab making sure my game has no holes when I return to college ball next in 7 months. I've been feeling good no pain just soreness from our trainer Jeremy. He got me in 1 on 1 sessions, and for all who know me well know I hate weights but since I've kicked some bad health habits I've enjoyed seeing myself in the mirror lately ahaha.

As for the gauchos like I said we have had a rough 3 game stretch. Its hard to welcome march on a losing streak when your trying to catch momentum for the conference tournaments. What's funny is even though we are in 4th place or maybe 5th now we still have a chance to win the big west tourney. We havery what it takes and show it in spurts but we still haven't put it together which is scary because the potential is there. Its hard watching your team on national tv lay down and let teams step on our necks. I get frustrated because I know each and every player on this team plays hard but this is about pride and heart now. We have got to turn the ship around NOW. If not we will have a early exit and hey fans look up for next year I can promise we will get it right and give you guys a good year. I feel like if the attitude as a collective unit were the of a fighter we would have no problem. We don't have to do anything superhuman but just go out and compete. I see us still having a chance even though many have written us off. I just can't wait until its my turn to go out and show the world. My mouth gets watery. When I think about next year I'm hungry I won't let no one eat me alive. Well this week will be an emotional one as we say goodbye to our seniors Jordan jj and Jon. Those guys are a valuable piece to this team and all year have given us all they had. Ill definitely miss them next year as well as the fans and friends of them on the team. Jon and jj are my roommates so ill definitely be missing them. I've gotten close with jj since coming to school here so I'm sure ill see him again when he leaves.

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  1. I still believe in you guys can win the big west tourney if everyone pulls together. Learn from the last three games and just go out there and fight. Momentum would have been good to have, but even momentum has to start somewhere. That somewhere is here...