Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Good season..Redshirt year is over

I would like to first shout out the squad as we fought our way into the ncaa tourney and went up against a tough Florida team. They got us by a big margin but we played as hard as we could. It hurt watching the guys go down like that, we are better than that but thing happen. I am now excited for the upcoming season as i am really apart of the team. Not being apart of the group was tough for me this year. Being a redshirt means you cant travel, cant play, basically its not fun. Its spring break so im out here in sacramento having fun but as soon as I get back to SB its time for business. I got about 7 months until things get real, and i wanna be more than prepared. Its been fun watching the team, im going to miss the seniors man they were all good teammates and good people. Cant wait to welcome in the incoming freshmans, its going to be fun going at the youngsters, lol. Shoutout to taran brown for being gatorade player of the year in wyoming. And to jaime u gonna be alright man keep your head up your strong you will get through this. Until next season fans, much love......


  1. Nate, just wanted to thank you and the team for working so hard over the season and making it to the tourney. The team's effort gave me (and I am sure all the gauchos) something to smile about. Have a great off season and will be looking forward to seeing you play next year. Wish you the best with your classes and your come back.

  2. Nate - Can't express how much Gaucho Nation is looking forward to your leadership in next year's season. We are going to have probably THE most experienced, talented, and hopefully driven team that UCSB has ever witnessed. Put us on the map baby!!